A Quick Guide for Staying Safe Before, During and After Any Disaster!

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Dr. Geoffrey Simmons, MD, CERT Trainer, applies this most uncommon of senses to the serious subject of disaster preparedness, giving an invaluable primer in an area where proactive may be the ideal, but reactive is often the reality... sometimes with tragic consequences.

Dr. Simmons designed Common Sense and Disaster Preparedness to be succinct, comprehensive, durable and sized (4"x9") to fit right in your back pocket! This guide will show you how most life-saving preparatory steps are easy, logical and inexpensive.

Guide Includes:

  • Easy, logical and inexpensive life-saving preparatory steps for disaster preparedness.
  • Explains what to do, before, during and after any disaster.
  • Includes special section "Disaster Medicine for the non-medical person" written to help the reader to deal with most life-threatening injuries during a disaster.
  • Includes a comprehensive table of contents and an expanded, cross referenced index that allows the user to quickly find critical information.
  • Ships in special water resistant carrier bag along with critical documents and yellow signal bags.
  • Get started preparing today. It is easy, fun for the whole family and you will feel good knowing that you are prepared!
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